Team Records

I love

I learn cute little facts like these:

The team with the most games played in history:  Chicago Cubs, 20,515.  Second place is the Atlanta Braves, which are technically the older team.  They are the only remaining original national league franchises from 1876.   Another interesting thing about these two teams is their original names would later be adopted by American league teams.  The Cubs were originally the White Stockings, and the Braves were the Boston Red Stockings.

The Yankees of course have the highest winning percentage of all time: 9917-7543 for .568.   The worst? The Tampa Bay Rays at 1165-1367 .460  The worst non expansion team?  The Philadelphia Phillies at 9367-10429 for .473.  There are a number of defunct teams worse than the Rays, however they’re all 19th century or Federal League teams..

The team with the most players:  The St. Louis Cardinals have had 2017 different men play for them.

Quick.. name the only team (current) that has never had a hall of famer play for them?  It’s the Colorado Rockies, though I suspect that will eventually change with Larry Walker or Todd Helton.

Did you know Babe Ruth has hit 4.43% of all home runs ever hit by Yankee players?  Sounds impressive.. but that got me thinking.. what are the records for that peculiar stat? Well thanks to expansion team players, who dominate the

list, Ruth isn’t even in the top ten.  The all time leader is Jeff Bagwell – by a mile – with 7.37% of all Astros home runs ever hit (449/6095)

If you throw out the expansion teams (post 1961 teams) there are five players who have hit a larger percentage of their team’s home runs than Ruth:

Harmon Killebrew, Senators/Twins) 5.6826% (559/9837)

Hank Aaron, Braves 5.6773% (733/12911)

Willie Mays, Giants 4.68% (646/13812)

Mike Schmidt, Phillies 4.4907% (548/12203)

Willie Stargell, Pirates 4.4905% (475/10578)

Babe Ruth, Yankees 4.43% (659/14862)

As time goes to infinity of course, this statistic will become meaningless as every team’s home run totals will go to infinity and it will simply be a matter of who has the most home runs for one franchise (Aaron).


One last factoid..did you know only 6 times in history has a team scored at least one run in all nine innings?  Of those,  two were in the insane 1894 season, and only 3 occurred after 1900, all in the national league:

June 1, 1923 Giants at Phillies  – Baker Bowl 22-8

September 13, 1964 Cardinals at Cubs – Wrigley Field 15-2

May 5, 1999 Rockies at Cubs – Wrigley Field 13-6

Of course it’s the away team accomplishing the feat each time since for the home team to bat nine innings, they’d have to come out on the losing side, which would be hard to accomplish scoring at least one run each inning.

The interesting thing to me is the Rockies game. It wasn’t at Coors Field where they did most of their run scoring.



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